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November 2023


MET Studio Theatre, Stafford Gatehouse

Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant young scientist, returns to his Swiss chateau to escape a dark and terrifying secret: Victor has brought into being a creature made from pieces of the dead.
Abandoned by its maker, shunned and feared by society, the creature tracks Victor down to his sanctuary to demand a bride to share its loneliness. A dark, gothic drama that explores human nature and the desire for love, acceptance and companionship.
“Frankenstein” is based on the 1818 novel by Mary Shelley and is adapted for the stage by Tim Kelly. “Frankenstein” is regarded as the first true science fiction story and has had a considerable influence on literature and popular culture, spawning a whole genre of horror stories, films, cartoons and plays. Despite the name "Frankenstein" referring to the creature's maker, it is often misused by some in reference to the creature itself, who is never given a name by his maker.

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